Buckshot tires

Who Makes Buckshot Tires?

Often the question is who makes Buckshot tires? The answer to that question presently is not easy to answer. The company that did make Buckshot tires was the Denman Tire Corporation Ohio.

The company founded in 1919 by Walter Denman for many decades manufactured a line of favorable tires especially mud and snow tires that had a solid following. But the company fell under hard times during the great (not a depression) economic down turn of 2008 and was forced to look for refinancing or a buyer for its faculties.

Although the company produced a quality product in its’ line of Buckshot tires, the company still had legal troubles stemming from multiple law suits filed over product liability issues. Being a small company they were unable to sustain a viable market share to keep the company alive and were forced in to bankruptcy in 2009.

A federal bankruptcy judge approved the sale of Denman equipment and inventory to the Titan tire and rubber company as a means to pay off company debt in early 2010. It was not clear whether or not Titan would continue the Buckshot tire line

The Denman tire company which had over $75 million in overt sales in 2008 closed its doors in March of 2010

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Thats too bad, I like the tires, i guess when the ones I have wear out, thats it. Nothing good lasts for ever


Atlanta Ga

Yes too bad

Good tire and a good price, maybe they should have charge a bit more, they were worth every penny I paid and more

Carson S

Lincoln Ne


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