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TireVan a New Concept in Buying Tires

Tire Van is a new tire servicing company covering the greater Washington DC area. They actually come to your home or office and install you new tires on the spot. They have mobile tire centers on wheels. You schedule the time and place for them to come and install your new tires. They have mounting and balancing equipment on the trucks they use for service. They offer guaranteed Expert Professional installation. They make claim that all their technicians are tire specialists, whatever that means, whom they claim receive expert training in all facets of tire installation and maintenance.

They tout scratch free mounting, along with dynamic balancing. They also offer what they call road force balancing that is designed to meet the needs of today’s low profile, high performance tires. This service is suggested to dynamically balance wheels and tires under simulated driving conditions and is offered as a premium service. Although they do not offer wheel alignment, they state on their website that they offer an optional service that is suppose to measure lateral force to correct tire cause by the tires and wheels, but clearly is no substitute for actual wheel alignment.

With a large selection of tires from 20 or more major tire manufactures, Tire Van is out to make a name for themselves in the tire business in the greater DC area.

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Tire Ratings

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Agricultural Tires

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Tire News Section

The Shelf life of tires, are yours expired?

It is not commonly known, but tires do have a shelf life, although it is quite a long one, but like groceries or canned good, they do expire with age. It is true that tires weaken with age, more so with unused tires then tires that are in some sort of regular use.

Some time ago some of the mainstream media did some pieces on the dangers associated with aged tires. But as with many really good informational news articles or shows these days, people tend to let the information do the flow through. That’s where the information flows through our brains, and only those things that are heavy enough, that is to say that actually directly impact us in the moment, will actually settle out and become lodged in our minds and be made use of.

It makes me wonder, after hearing the news about the dating of tires, and how long a shelf life the common passenger car tire has, how many people bothered to check the next set of tires they bought for a production date code. I know I did, and was pleased to find that the tires I was buying were produced within a few months of when I made my purchase

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