Wild Country Tires

Wild Country Tires, Are they Gone?

Wild country Tires have been admired by many off roaders and even rock climber 4wheel enthusiasts. It has long been a point of question as to who actually manufactures Wild Country Tires. In our research, we came across many who said that the tires were manufactured by Cooper Tire Company and sold under the multi-mile brand label or under other associated brands. According to our research this appears to be inaccurate

After looking long and hard for information as to who actually manufactures the tire line we came across a recall notice issues by the NHTSA for a line of tires manufactured by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 02X001000 for the recall of tires manufactured under several brand names by Goodyear. Wild Country Tires was listed as one of those lines. This is not to say that there was any specific problem with the Wild Country Tires, only that some among the group could have had a problem. Thus ending our search for who makes the tires

One big seller of the Wild Country Tire brand, Les Schwab, Sold the Wild Country Tire, but recently discontinued them and now has a tire that is very similar made we believe by Toyo called the open Country AT. So those that have been loyal followers of the Wild Country brand may find them in short supply. But it appears that there is a replacement for them in the Wild Spirit Brand of tires which look to be of the same off road quality tire.

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